·Don’t you think you deserve a healthy mouth as much as you deserve a healthy body? Please, give yourself the fantastic gift of excellent oral health this Xmas season.

·Christmas is believed to be a time of indulgence and enjoyment; why not turn part of your attention to your dental health and indulge in our range of quality dental care treatments and enjoy the results afterwards. Book a visit and get the thrill


·A dental check-up before Christmas can give you an insight into your pre-Christmas dental health. Teeth is one of the major body parts that often work hard at Christmas time, with all the delicious delicacies, I mean the yummy foods and frenzy drinks to be shared around the neatly decorated Christmas table. It is no wonder that some of us can neglect to realise how much damage we are doing to our teeth.

·Worldwide, most people actually love Christmas time, especially the Christmas food; Chicken, turkey, ice cream, cakes, you name it! Unfortunately, a Christmas diet consists of mainly sugary and oily foods that certainly taste good but actually do nothing for our teeth. Imagine if your teeth should go on strike during this season, you would never forgive yourself.


·If you are planning to go all out this Christmas you may want to invest in a little TLC (tender loving care) for your teeth to make sure that they don’t strike out this Christmas.

·In preparation for Christmas the most important things to organise are usually the Christmas decorations, the presents and the Christmas food for Christmas party, fun at picnics and amusement parks but one more thing you should add to your Christmas to-do list is a visit to the dentist.

·A check-up at our clinics can assess your oral health to determine whether your teeth and oral health are up to the challenge of the Christmas season.

·At the end we will advise you on appropriate dental treatments required to bring you to your best oral health (if any are needed) in time for the Christmas season. Dirty teeth can be cleaned professionally, mouth odour would be addressed, cavities would be filled, toothache would be attended to, your discoloured teeth can be whitened, your broken teeth can be restored, your bleeding gum can be treated, Weak teeth can be strengthened, and your children’s milk teeth can be reinforced and be protected against cavities.

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