1. Healthy gum is firm, surrounds the tooth structure and does not bleed either while eating or during brushing.
  2. Diseased gum is swollen, puffy, reddish and bleeds easily. It is called gingivitis.
  3. Deposits on teeth induce gum disease. Keeping your teeth clean can maintain your gums healthy
  4. Tartar (Hard deposits) on teeth can make your mouth stink.
  5. Excessive and improper brushing method can harm your gums!!
  6. Dental cleaning does not loosen your teeth. Deposits on the teeth will!!
  7. Infected gum and bone tissue known as periodontitis is the most common reason for loss of teeth in adult population across the world
  8. Gum surgery can save your shaking teeth
  9. Synthetic bone grafts can strengthen your teeth and make them function longer.
  10. Healthy gum, healthy teeth, healthy mouth, healthy body, healthy life


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