Are you worried that your child´s teeth are changing colour? You are noticing yellow to brown to black and also greenish stains.Your Baby teeth which is also referred to as milk teeth are usually whiter than their adult teeth. Oh! What a relief right. This happens because their adult teeth is more calcified. In addition the outer layer of their teeth referred to as the enamel is more transparent and you can easily see the inner part which is dark. However, not all this change in colour occurs due to a natural cause your baby’s teeth can change colour for a couple of reasons and I will highlight a few of this below. 

1. No brushing of your child’s teeth can make them change colour. Brushing helps to remove attached and sticky food substances on the teeth, this means if they are not brushing or they are not properly brushing. These particles remain and accumulate over time and this change the colour of their teeth. Yuck!! Right.


2. Children medications: Lots of drugs children uses for different illnesses are liquids and they contain coloured substances like iron, vitamins which can change their teeth colour especially if the drug is used regularly for long periods 

3. Drug use during pregnancy can cause a profound colour change to a child’s tooth .drugs known to cause this include tetracycline’s and its derivatives. These drugs can also be passed during breasting


4. Tooth injury: Children are actively playing and having fun and this makes them susceptible to falls .falls involving the teeth can make blood stop flowing to the tooth and the tooth dies off. When this happens the tooth colour can change.


5. Weak enamel. Sometimes it is in the genes and this can cause their teeth not to form properly which makes the colour to be different. 

6. Too much fluoride. Fluoride is good for the teeth as it helps to make it hard and strong but its presence in large amounts can alter teeth colour .fluoride are usually present in toothpastes and be in their drinking water, in milks etc.

7. Illness. Certain childhood illness measles, scarlet fever, whooping cough, pneumonia, vit A, C & D deficiency can affect tooth development and can cause a color change. 
What to do when you think your child tooth colour is not normal? 

-If you are not brushing for your child you need to do it as a child doesn’t have the manual dexterity to do it themselves properly and adequately. Brushing should be done twice daily with a soft bristle textured tooth brush and an age appropriate fluoride containing tooth paste. Use a smear paste on the brush until your child learns to spit out. 

-Give your child hard and crunchy fruits instead of soft drinks and juices this is healthy and helps to keep their teeth from even getting a cavity.

-Pacifiers should also not be dipped in sugary substances or coloured substances prior to its use.

-Take sips of water after using coloured medication.

-You can also express your concerns about your child’s teeth to the doctor. You may be referred to a dentist to address any underlying issue. The dentist may recommend professional cleaning to remove any adherent particles difficult to remove by regularly brushing, put a restoration or even do a bleaching.


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