THE AUTHORS are Dr & Dr (Mrs) O.F BANJO- husband and wife, duo of “Dental Channel NG” – an educative Nigeria Dental Blog. Both of us are Nigeria-trained dentists educating Nigerians as best as we know about the dental health and profession. Being young dentists and bloggers, our goal is creating necessary awareness about dental profession among Nigerians and to stimulate Nigerians’ interests on dental education using this platform to focus on providing in-depth information about dental health and hygiene, dental problems, their solutions, preventive measures with blog articles and self-explanatory pictures and videos. Dental Channel NG is a highly useful tool for the public in understanding their teeth and dentistry which they have feared so long.


Dr Oluwaseun Festus Banjo is a past President of Dental Students Association of the prestigious Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife, Nigeria and also a past National Vice President of Nigeria Association of Dental Students, he is a dynamic dental surgeon, a dental public health speaker and writer. His experience spans both within the private and public healthcare sectors. He has coordinated several rural health care missions and exhibits quality competence in the management and execution of mobile health care programme and institution based services. He has been a part of many Free Medical Missions by NGOs, several dental community programs to schools and market places. He has once represented the government in inspection exercise of private dental clinics. He is an aspiring community dentist who has worked in the private health sector thereby instrumental to setting up new dental clinics within the country. He is a blogger and dental apps strategist who is using IT and Dentistry to solve problems for Nigerians. Read more about him here

Dr (Mrs) Kikelomo Funke Banjo (Nee Akinola) is a one time Faculty of Dentistry Best Graduating Student of Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife, she is an excellent & talented dentist, a website content developer, writer and blogger. She started back then in school as one of the writers and editorial team members that produced the 2nd edition of Channel 32 magazine – a publication of dental students association of the prestigious Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife, Nigeria. She is social media enthusiast. That sounds very sophisticated, but in reality it just means she spends way too much time online making sure Nigerians are informed about their dental health. She is an aspiring Orthodontist. Read more about her here

The information (content) we provide on dentalchannel.com.ng is of our own education and for education of others. It is not intended to diagnose or cure any dental disease .This content is not intended as, and therefore should not be interpreted as INDIVIDUAL medical (dental) advice as there are individual peculiarities. This is not a substitute for medical or dental services and no patient-doctor relationship is formed by any use of this service

Certainly,  there is no adequate awareness about dental health care in Nigeria and this has seriously affected the public perception of the profession and good utilisation of dental healthcare facilities. We’re not famous dental stars in the country, or even full-time specialists in the dental world, however, we think that educating and informing the Nigeria citizens who have access to internet services about their dental health can offer insight into the dental world and thereby improving their oral/ general health and prolong their life span. CLICK HERE FOR OUR WEBSITE STANDARDS

 We hope that by reading our articles and familiarising yourself with our activities that you are inspired to seek good dental care and enjoy an improved oral health as Nigerians.  READ ”OUR TERMS OF USE” HERE

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