The digital revolution that is transforming every aspect of our world is also impacting dentistry and medicine in a multitude of ways, from electronic record-keeping and data analysis to new diagnostic tools, novel prevention methods and revolutionary treatment options. “The future is wide open with HMS (Intuitive),” says Emmott.’’

Technology is really changing dentistry for the better at a great speed: electronic toothbrush, No drills(laser), no injections, digital x-ray, new breakthroughs are creating “biomaterials” to fill cavities, easier access through microscopes, CAD/CAM system, invisalign, lower costs to mention but a few. This is happening globally and Nigeria should not be left out. In Nigeria, dental practice is well recognised among various health sectors that make use of technology in various forms. A lot of software are re-defining medical practice worldwide, one of them is Intuitive HMS software.

Intuitive Health Management Systems (HMS) comes to mind when we talk about effective management of a dental business outlet. It enhances quality care and helps one to deal with challenges and curtail dental business management cost and time, ensuring timely availability of financial, Operational & clinical information, supplies, organised utilisation of resources and extended reach to identify the potential of an organisation and to forecast future plans.

In this fast-paced world of medicine and dentistry, it is a daunting task to manage a standard health facility. A health management system (HMS) is a computer or web based system that facilitates managing the functioning of any medical set up.

Health Management Systems (HMS) is an integration of Healthcare, Business management, and Information systems. As the healthcare delivery system is held to greater accountability, healthcare providers and health facilities must demonstrate quality outcomes, fiscal responsibility, efficient and effective practices.

If you have a dental clinic with one or more branches, if you have clinical and non-clinical staff, if you have an internet facility in your clinic, if you have a computer system of record keeping, if you make use of computer for your case-notes, documentations, pricing and billing system, patients appointments, then you need to take your business to greater level of accountability, you need to demonstrate quality outcomes, fiscal responsibility, efficient and effective practices.

Did I hear you say you need a software to co-ordinate your practice? Yes, you are right. But there are many software out there. A market-leading software application may have thousands of customers, but does it provide what you need? For this reason, do not blindly spend on popular systems. You need to get a software that can meet your need and even exceed your expectations.

Intuitive HMS Demo
Intuitive HMS Demo

Intuitive HMS is an Electronic Health Record system which can be used by single and multi-center clinics and it is in use by healthcare provider organisations across many countries including Nigeria, Intuitive HMS is a hospital and clinic management software that aims to promote brand reputation by providing wow patient experience through streamlining clinical operations and automating process flows and management of EMR (Electronic Medical Record).

Intuitive HMS functions as a dental clinic information management solution that covers patient consultation, inventory, health insurance, maintenance and contracts, alert messages, billing system, case notes, documents upload, pharmacy, doctor’s scheduler etc


  • User friendly, easy to use,
  • Reports from dental health facilities using it worldwide including Nigeria are fantastic.
  • It can be tweaked to meet the need of your facility.
  • It is easy to use for by semi-skilled staff
  • Little training is enough to understand the software process
  • The report builder is also a very useful specification.
  • This is more flexible to add new field to the modules
  • It provides everything under one platform, doctor visits, appointments everything is managed periodically, it is the best software compare to other software in market

Overall, you would be satisfied with what we have got in the form of Intuitive HMS. It is certainly value for money.


Intuitive HMS PROMO
Intuitive HMS PROMO


‘Previously we had a software which was cumbersome to use effectively, we faced critical issues like teaching staff members, tariff variation between various category of patients, application down time, manual billing and was not user friendly because of its lack of flexibility. We were looking for a HMS for our Dental facility that would balance the profession and management of our business efficiently. We had requested Intuitive HMS for demo, the demo was conducted and all features explained to us convincingly. There was facility tour where Intuitive HMS had arranged for a thorough demo. There was pre-implementation visit. The implementation executive was knowledgeable and the migration from old cumbersome to new simple software was smooth. We were able to tweak the software to our taste having implemented some few requirements specific to our clinic. The implementation team and remote team were very friendly and willing with remarkable customer support. Overall, we are satisfied with the Intuitive HMS and look forward to long opportunities for accomplishment with their company’

With Intuitive HMS the bills are dynamic, patients get the right information at the right time, Checks and balances are in place, and integration with financial software became very easy. Remote access is a great advantage so one can work anywhere as long as there is internet. Cost of sale and revenue is very accurate with minimum errors. Work flow is fast. The greatest advantage is any user can see the entire audit report of all the transaction so one can find where and who did a mistake.

Can you notice a blend of customer relation, marketing strategy, administrative efficiency and professionalism below?

Patient called to book appointment, the front desk officer checked the daily patients’ list and doctor’s appointment scheduler and then confirmed the appointment. The doctor, upon checking the daily patients’ list, prepared for patient’s arrival. At the set time, patient came in; registered electronically and waited to be called in. While waiting at the reception she received a message on her phone saying “Welcome to Dental Channel Clinic, Dr. Banjo O.F will be attending to your dental needs shortly” she smiled and felt relaxed. 
Shortly, the patient was called in. She was seated on the chair and the doctor took history and examined her. She was sent for full mouth x-ray in the x-ray room before she came back to the surgery, the doctor entered the patient’s details on the system and uploaded her x-ray image before she was called in. Patient came in, evaluation session ended, got treated and next appointment date decided upon, got discharged.
She smiled to the reception and appended her signature where necessary.
As she stepped out, she received another message saying “thanks for coming to Dental Channel clinic, sure you had a wow experience. We care about your smile.
A day to her next appointment date, she received another automated message reminding her of her dental appointment. This is to clue into what Intuitive HMS can do

Be part of the trail blazing dental clinics in Nigeria, subscribe to Intuitive HMS today, a trial will convince you.  



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