Can I give my child gum disease.

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I am a new mum and worried if my child can get gum disease from me when I kiss or when I put her spoon in my mouth to taste her food

Tooth decay is a bacterial infection. Infants aren't born with the bacteria that cause decay. Most acquire these bacteria from their mothers before their third birthday.These bacteria can pass from person to person through the transfer of saliva. The passing of stretococcus mutans bacteria from mother to child is called vertical transmission. Tooth decay is a bacterial infection that can spread through saliva from the mother to the child just as a cold or flu virus would spread. The higher the levels of streptoccus mutans in the mother’s mouth, the greater the risk of transferring it to infants through kissing on the mouth and sharing food or drink. For this reason, it’s important that mums routinely visit the dentist and takes care of her teeth and gums. But once Streptococcus is in the baby or child’s mouth, the teeth are susceptible to decay.

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